Writing Challenge!

Okay guys, so this may not be the best writing I’ve ever done (okay, I know it’s not!), but I did give the challenge a try! So, here’s what I think a brief encounter might be like between Roger Rabbit and Count Vladamir Dracula!

Roger Rabbit pops up randomly in Love at First Bite


Roger to Count Vladimir Dracula: Where am I?

Dracula: New York. What are you? Some giant animated bug for my friend Renfield to eat?

Roger: A bug? No, I’m a rabbit. Roger’s the name! Who are you?

Dracula: Count Vladimir Dracula. You are one silly looking rabbit.

Roger: My goal is to make people laugh. Where’s Eddie?

Dracula: Who’s Eddie? I’m searching for my true love, Cindy Sondheim

Roger: Eddie’s my friend, he’s trying to free me of murder charges.

Dracula: Great, just my luck. I had to run into a rabbit who is a criminal.

Roger: I didn’t kill my dear Jessica, I was framed!

Dracula: Okay, whatever you say, you little rabbit. Why don’t you hop back to wherever you came from?

Roger: Well someone could use a lesson in etiquette. What do you do for a living, anyhow?

Dracula: I am a vampire. Haven’t you ever heard of me?

Roger: No. I thought you were a waiter! What’s with the cape?

Dracula rolls his eyes.



© B.G., gettingthroughanxiety.wordpress.com, 2016


15 Replies to “Writing Challenge!”

      1. Yes, it did. You have a great imagination. The rolling eyes part is awesome, if only I could see it. 😀

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