Support Systems: “Maybe we are the strong ones”

Outofmythoughts writes about how even if we struggle, we are still strong enough to conquer our fears and overcome our obstacles! Please visit this great blog!

Out of My Thoughts

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Maybe we are the strong ones

This is often something I tell myself when things are rough.  Whether this is true or not, I don’t know.  I just know it gives me strength sometimes and consoles my wearied soul.

As a person who has mental illness, I often feel weak and helpless compared to others.  I will feel discouraged that I wasn’t just like everybody else (whatever that means).  It seems that everyone else’s path is so smooth and effortless, whereas mine was full of self-doubt and obstacles.

How can they do that so easily?  I would have not survived that situation.  Why couldn’t I be like them?

Often, I will hear people say how strong someone is to get through a difficult situation with such positivity.  What about us?  Are we not strong also for being able to get through a difficult situation without any positivity…

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