Long Time No See

So not all of these things apply to me, but some do. I really think you guys should check this out. You are not alone in your struggles!

my anxiety, struggle, & control.

I haven’t posted for such a long time, mainly because I just feel like I’m working, eating, sleeping all the time.

But I found something I wanted to share.

One of my friend’s and I have one of those complicated relationships (once my best friend, then a boyfriend, then an enemy, back to a friend, back to a complete stranger, back to a friend – it’s a complicated relationship!) and most recently, we got into one hell of an argument and went back to not talking. After maybe a month or so, we spoke again, and yesterday he sent me a video – Things About Anxiety Nobody Talks About.

And he apologised. It meant the absolute world. And the video really touched me – so many truths!

I guess it just goes to show how much we hide, and how often people can misinterpret the way we behave.

I hope this brings…

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