“I Am Strong Enough To Get Through This!”

When our anxiety hits, it can be extremely hard sometimes for us to feel like we can pull through. It can feel at times as if we can’t get back up and as if we’re stuck in an uncomfortable position. I know that, for me, when I’m experiencing a panic attack or feeling extremely anxious and overwhelmed, I sometimes don’t know how I’m going to get through it.

This morning I experienced more anxiety than I would have hoped while doing something. While I admit that I struggled, I kept reminding myself that I was (and am) strong enough to get through my anxiety. I know that in the past I have gotten through tough times and that I have the ability to get through even the most difficult of moments. I kept repeating over and over to myself that I have the strength to get through my anxiety. I also kept picturing and remembering all the times when I’ve gotten through things without difficulty.

This is another reason why exposure therapy (exposing oneself to their fears in small, manageable steps on a consistent basis) is so helpful. By showing ourselves proof that we can get through our anxiety, we show ourselves that we have the strength to do it again and again. We can use this proof in the present and in the future to get through difficult times. I wish you all the best!


*On a completely unrelated note, I will start participating again in the April Photo A Day Challenge tomorrow! I felt my handwriting and my closet was a little too personal to take a picture of (and messy!).


13 thoughts on ““I Am Strong Enough To Get Through This!”

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I’m definitely needing that reminder sometimes . A therapist once told me to imagine the anxiety like a wave, knowing that it comes, gets big, and dies down again.

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