Grains of Sand – February ’16

Here is a list of my accomplishments for the month of February. Again, I’d like to thank Sandy from Sandycademy for creating this great way to remind ourselves of the progress we’ve made!

-2 years of blogging!
• While a part of me feels slightly sad that I’ve been blogging for 2 years (since I started due to anxiety), I’m also very happy that I’ve been writing my blog for this long! I’ve met some great bloggers and friends and I love sharing my experiences with all of you!

-Finished reading Hell Fire by John Saul and wrote a review
• I’ve really enjoyed beginning to read again and John Saul is an amazing writer. Reading is not only a fun thing to do, but it’s far more educational than watching TV. While I still watch a lot of TV, I have started reading again which feels amazing!

-Sent in a couple of my poems to a magazine
• I’ve done this before but it’s always a little scary to take this step. However, I felt that my poems were good and I wanted to take the chance, so I did, and I’m proud of myself.

-Sent first chapter of story into story competition
• While I may not win the contest, every effort that a person takes towards accomplishing their dream counts. I took the time to submit my story!

-Wrote my 500th post on WordPress!
• I think this shows my progress as a writer, my progress in my journey to getting through anxiety, and my dedication to both as well!

-Was made a Homecoming Queen crown by Curious Queendom!
• I thought it was so nice of Sharon to give me this wonderful gift! She’s so creative and I’m honored to receive something so amazing!

-Figured out how to do something on my blog on my own that I wasn’t sure I could figure out
• This may seem like small potatoes, but I think it was a pretty good accomplishment! I set out to figure something out on my own and did just that!

-Finished reading If You Could See Me Now by Peter Straub and wrote a review
• This was a great book! I’m getting better at not stopping in the middle of books (the book gave me no reason to, but sometimes I still stop reading anyway).

-Made my own hotdog in the oven
• I know this may sound stupid and you may say, “So? That’s easy!”, but I’ve never really cooked anything other than putting stuff in the microwave. To me, this was an accomplishment!

-Put mini pizza in oven and cooked it
• Again, this may not seem like a big deal to some, but learning how to do this meant a lot to me and I consider it a big accomplishment!

-Made soup on stove


I consider all of these tremendous accomplishments! Feel free to visit Sandy’s blog and post your own Grains of Sand displaying your positive accomplishments!



March Photo A Day Challenge – March 1st

Today’s challenge is to post a picture of something that makes you smile!


I love my family and Friends! I love my actual friends and the TV show! Being with and talking to my family and Friends, along with watching TV, makes me smile! To illustrate this, I’ve taken a picture of Friends Season 2!  Want to see the challenges for each day of the month? Click here!