March Photo A Day Challenge – March 28th

Today’s picture for the challenge is a photo of an animal. I couldn’t see any outside, so I decided that I would post a couple of my drawings of cartoon animals! I hope you enjoy!

Bambi and Thumper
Cooper from The Fox and the Hound

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You are not a failure

Please, please, please read this amazing post by Matt. He shares with us the inspiring truth that we are not failures as long as we never give up! Matt also reminds us that opening up about our mental health issues to those we trust can make all the difference! We are not alone!

In Silence We Suffer

I really am so sorry to hear that you’ve been struggling this week. I thought I’d take this opportunity to remind you of something I haven’t said in a while. I’ll keep it short, just a pure and simple truth.

You are not a failure.

I know you might not always believe this. There are times when I don’t believe it myself. But it’s true. I promise! You are not a failure. And yes, I will keep on saying it!

We all have our own internal struggles that we try to hide from the outside world. To pretend that they’re not real and that we are strong enough to combat them ourselves, but we can all get weighed down by them. To some extent, we can never know the depths of these struggles unless we open up and confide in someone. I live with stress, anxiety and depression. I’m much better…

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Getting Back Up

First of all, I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

My Easter was filled with mixed emotions. On one hand, it was a good day for several reasons, but on the other, not so much. Going places can be difficult for me in general, but certain places can be even harder. It doesn’t always have to do with the people, mind you, but sometimes the situation or the fact that anxiety often runs in a pattern. You remember the last time you struggled, and sadly, sometimes it repeats.

Anyway, my anxiety was through the roof yesterday. Once I settled down where I was, it got a little better, but I was still struggling. Even when I got home, the anxiety didn’t seem to want to go away. The day was in other ways a great day and it should have been even more wonderful, but as I’ve learned, anxiety isn’t always kind enough to step away.

So that was yesterday in a nutshell. When I woke up this morning, I felt refreshed and ready to get up and get something done. Guess what? I succeeded! I got back up and I did something that I wanted (and in a way needed) to do! The moral of this story? Don’t let the difficult day that you may have had before, ruin the present day! You can make it a good day!

Happy Easter!

First, I’d like to wish everyone who celebrates, a Happy Easter! To all of you who do not celebrate the holiday, I wish you a great day as well!


S/W Ver: 96.71.95R

For the March Photo A Day Challenge, today’s picture is of a star. In the beginning of the challenge, I had looked ahead and decided to do something a little creative with this one. So, without further ado, here’s my picture!


Again, I wish you all a great holiday and thank you for your continued support! 🙂

This Or That Book Tag!

Makayla from Random Reads tagged everyone for the This or That Book Tag! Thanks, Makayla! This looks so interesting and fun!


The Rules:

  1. Mention the creator of the tag (Ayunda @Tea and Paperbacks).
  2. Thank the blogger who tagged you!
  3. Choose one of the options, you don’t have to tell the reasons why you chose that but you can also do them if you want to.
  4. Tag 10 other people to do this tag to spread the love!

One: Read on the Couch or On the Bed?

On the couch! I find my couch really comfy and relaxing, so what better place to read?

Two: Male Main Character or Female Main Character?

Most of the books I read have main characters who are men, so I’m going to go with that. Maybe I like the different perspective. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because men seem to write main characters who are men and well, most authors I read are men.

Three: Sweet Snacks or Salty Snacks?

I don’t eat when I read, but I’ll say salty. Why? Because I like chips and stuff! 🙂

Four:Trilogies or Quartets?

I’m more of a stand alone kinda gal when it comes to books.

Five: First Person Point of View or Third Person Point of View?

Third. Definitely third.

Six: Reading at Night or In The Morning?

Afternoon or night. I just find it easier and more fun to read then, I don’t know what else to say.

Seven: Libraries or Book Stores?

I’m gonna go with libraries because we don’t have a lot of bookstores where we live.

Eight: Books that Make You Laugh Or Cry?

I’m gonna go with laugh. I like when you’re reading and a character says something funny or an author says something that you can really relate to.

Nine: Black Book Covers Or White Book Covers?

This is an interesting question. Most of my books don’t have black or white covers. Most of my books have colorful covers.

Ten: Character Driven or Plot Driven Stories?

Tough question. I think I’ll go with plot driven.

I tag:

 I just tagged ten people and they all vanished. I’m really upset this happened, so I’m just going to say that if you want to participate, please do and comment in the comment section that you did so, so that I can check out your answers! Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience!
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Fem(+Me) Friday Book Tag!

I just got tagged by Rae over at Bookmark Chronicles for the Fem(+Me) Friday Book Tag! Thank you so much, Rae!


The rules:

-Post this tag post on a Friday.

-Tag three to five other bloggers (female or male, doesn’t matter).

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-If you’re going to start doing the meme on your blog please link back so there’s a pingback in the comments section for others (me) to check out

1. What’s the ratio of female:male authors in your shelves? You don’t have to give an exact amount, just approximately

Okay this may sound awful since I’m a female, but the female to male ratio of authors on my book shelves is 25:75. I’m honestly not a huge fan of female writers (I know – horrible, especially since I want to be a writer!). Then again, some of James Patterson books are co-written with female authors and they’re great books!

2. Do you have any preconceived notions about female authors? EG: they only write YA or chicklit?

Well I know that it’s not true, but for the most part the books I’ve read that are written by females are for young adults. However, I’ve also read a lot of books that are meant for adults that are written by women too. I guess though that for the most part, I feel like they lack something. Again, I know that sounds awful.

3.) Who’s your favorite female author?

I’m not honestly sure that I have one. Let’s say Cornelia Funke though. When I was younger, I liked The Thief Lord and Ink Heart by her.

4. Have you ever read a comic or a graphic novel written and illustrated by a woman? 

I don’t believe so. I used to read Rave Master but that was written by a male. Man, I’m not doing well here!

5. Have you read any LGBT books?


6. Have you read a book by a female author of colour?

Yes, many. I took an African American Lit. class in college. I can’t remember all of the authors’ names but I do know that I liked some of the stories. I believe I read some of Toni Morrison’s work.

7. Have you read any feminist Non fiction books? 

I don’t read nonfiction.

8. Who is your favourite female character? Someone strong and role model-ish 

Maybe Jane Margaux from Sunday’s at Tiffany’s? The book is by James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet. Jane has to deal with a lot of negativity from her mother, but she’s tough and successful. Also a lot of characters that I’ve read about in my African American Literature course were admirable.

9. Is there a really popular female author that you haven’t read at all?

Ha, tons! Veronica Roth and Daniel Steele are just a couple. I don’t know, I’ve always just read more books written by males.

10. Is there a popular non feminist book that you really enjoyed? 

I’m not sure how to answer this.


I tag:

Kendra at Reads and Treats

Lizzy at Anxious Ramblings of a Fragile Mind

The Bookish Underdog



Blogger Recognition Award!

I’ve just been nominated by Paula from Moonlight Psychology for The Blogger Recognition Award! Thank you so much, Paula! Please check out her wonderful blog!

Blogger recognition award








  1. Write a post to show your award.
  2. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  3. Give two advice to new bloggers.
  4. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  5. Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to.

Why did I start writing this blog?

I began writing this blog because it was suggested by my dad to write about my anxiety and by my therapist to blog about it. I never thought that I’d be able to connect with so many people going through similar situations, but I have. I’ve also met a lot of amazing people and made a lot of meaningful friends! Thank you!

Advice for new bloggers:

1.) Write about what you want to. I know this can be difficult, but you can’t impress everyone. Some people may be interested in what you have to say, some might not. You can be happy and thankful for your followers, comments, “likes”, and readers, but don’t be too dependent on them. Also, when you write about something you care about, it shows.

2.) Be willing to connect with others but be careful! I think this is so important. I see so many people who share what I believe to be way too much personal information. I know that we all want to make friends and that’s fine, but you have to remember that especially when on the internet, you can never know for sure who you’re talking to. So, it’s fine to try and connect with others and be honest, but please don’t give out too much information!

My Nominees (in no specific order):

The Melodramatic Confessions of Carla Louise: Carla impacts the blogosphere in a huge way. She talks about very important issues. Please check out her blog! She’s an amazing friend!

In Silence We Suffer: Matt talks about how important it is to talk about your mental health (to those you trust of course) and how when we are silent, we only make things worse.

My Journey to Freedom from Anxiety: Amber gives great advice on getting through anxiety. She’s a very kind and caring individual.

You’re Not Alone In This World: C. shares her story of dealing with anxiety, schizophrenia, and other mental health issues. She shares both her struggles and accomplishments, along with her advice.

Curious Queendom: Sharon is extremely kind. She’s a great writer and shares her ups and downs and positivity with others.

Lost to the Dark: Gemma goes into detail about her mental health issues. She is open, honest, and extremely kind. She shares her struggles and successes and gives us hope that we too can overcome our anxiety.

Bookmark Chronicles: Along with being extremely creative, Rae talks about a lot of important issues. She shares with her readers advice and her opinions. She also has tons of fun posts as well!

The Business of Blooming: Marie Therese shares her advice on how to become a positive person. She also shares her advice for dealing with stress and overcoming negativity.

The Seeds 4 Life: This blog is spectacular! Matt shares his own words of wisdom along with allowing others to help each other through their gift of writing. He’s helped me realize just how much I can help others! Thank you, Matt!

Mary’s Average Adventures: Mary has done some amazing things! She shares with us all of the accomplishments she’s made, along with advice and opinions. Mary is such a kind person and a great friend! I believe she was one of my first followers on my blog and she’s been a great friend ever since! Thank you, Mary!

The Bookish Underdog: I really love this blog! It’s so fun and it impacts the blogging world by spreading creativity and putting a smile on its readers faces!

A (Mostly) Music Blog: Becky was one of the first people that I really felt I could connect to anxiety wise. She made me realize that I wasn’t alone in my struggle and we shared a lot of the same issues. Thank you, Becky. It meant and means so much to me that you could assure me that I wasn’t alone.

Peace from Panic: Jenny is another blogger who is open and honest about her mental health issues. She shares her story of dealing with panic attacks and anxiety, along with offering helpful advice and support.

Peace, Love, and Patchouli: Through both beautiful poetry and kindness, Kim spreads both her creativity and understanding through the internet. She’s a wonderful friend and amazing writer!

Fox in Multicoloured Socks: Elysha’s blog is one of the newer ones that I’ve discovered. She shares her story of anxiety, offers great advice, and provides plenty of inspiration!

*To be perfectly honest, it’s really hard for me to stop at only 15 nominees here. Seriously. I kept coming up with more bloggers, but decided not to keep listing people. So many of you have made (and are still making) a huge impact on the blogosphere and on me. So many of you have made me realize that I’m not alone in my struggle and that you’re here for me. If you don’t see your blog listed above, please know that it does not mean, under any circumstance, that I don’t appreciate your support or think that you’ve made a difference. You have. Earlier on, when I had been nominated for this award, I nominated all my readers and I still hold to that. So thank you, for anyone who supports me in my journey to get through anxiety!



Sometimes The Best Thing To Do Is Get Up!

I know for me, sometimes when I just wake up and just lie there, I tend to start obsessing and over-thinking. My mind starts to wander and before you know it, I’m overly anxious. Sometimes, I’ve found, the best thing to do is to get up!

Take this morning for example. I was lying down obsessing about trying to accomplish something. I was worrying about it so much that I began to feel like I couldn’t do this activity – something that I’ve been getting much better at. I decided, however, that instead of trying to go back to sleep (I wasn’t having much luck), I would get up and at least practice the activity. This way, I wouldn’t lose too much momentum.

Something great happened when I was about to practice facing my fears. I succeeded at doing much more! I actually got done what I wanted to get done instead of holding onto the doubt that I had minutes before! It felt amazing to succeed and to prove to myself that I am stronger than my anxiety!

So next time you’re lying down and obsessing, try to get up. You might just find that by getting up, the obsessing stops and you’ll be able to succeed in a way you may have at first doubted.