The ‘Spring Has Sprung’ Book Tag!

So, I don’t know if this book tag already exists, and I know I’ve heard similar questions to the following, but I decided to create a book tag! I hope you enjoy!



The Rules:

Answer the questions for the tag

Nominate whoever you want

Post the image of this tag

Have fun!



Look on your bookshelves. What is the most beautiful book both inside and out?

What is a book that you find that others like way more than you do?

They’re well written books, but I feel they’re way overrated!


What’s a great book that lifts your spirits when you’re down?

It may not always be the happiest book, but it’s a good book for dog lovers! It’s really good period, actually!


What’s a book that made you feel alive?


What’s a book that you found unpredictable?


What was a book that you struggled with, only to be happy that you read it in the end?


Chilly Weather
What’s a book that you couldn’t finish or didn’t enjoy?



Talk about a book I can’t stand!


Warm Weather
What’s a book that you loved and wanted more of?


What’s a book that you haven’t read yet, but really want to?

I’m reading this now, so I’m kind of cheating. However, a few days ago I was jealous of anyone who had it and I didn’t!


What’s a book in which you felt a strong connection to the characters?

I don’t know the answer to my own question. Uh oh!
What’s a book that when you read it, you feel safe?

Any good books, really.


What book do you feel is intelligently written?

What book puts a smile on your face?

Any really good book!


I tag:

The Bookish Underdog

Anxious Ramblings of a Fragile Mind

Bookmark Chronicles

Anyone that wants to participate!


*All images found on Google Images



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