March Photo A Day Challenge – March 26th

A picture of a purse/bag:


I really like this purse! I decided to post this one because (1) the boho look is in and (2) I wanted to show Dash from Dashoffashiongirl what it looks like! Thanks Dash for the idea to post this one! 🙂

For anyone who loves beauty/fashion blogs, please check hers out!


Want to learn more about the challenge? Click here!

24 Replies to “March Photo A Day Challenge – March 26th”

      1. Ohhh, I definitely will! I love them but haven’t actually gone in, in ages. They’ve got some really lovely stuffy

      2. I’ve never heard of that be fore but I’ll so be checking it out, I love finding new shops 😀 yeah I get you, sometimes

      3. Cool! If you check it out, I’d love to know what you think! I got a really nice brown leather one from there. I want to say it was like $90 but it might have been cheaper. Can’t remember. At the time I had the money, so it seemed like a good price. It was too, I really like it!

      4. I’ll definitely let you know when I look it up! ^.^ Oh cool, I’m always on the look out for a good bag and at the moment I need a new one

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