Sometimes The Best Thing To Do Is Get Up!

I know for me, sometimes when I just wake up and just lie there, I tend to start obsessing and over-thinking. My mind starts to wander and before you know it, I’m overly anxious. Sometimes, I’ve found, the best thing to do is to get up!

Take this morning for example. I was lying down obsessing about trying to accomplish something. I was worrying about it so much that I began to feel like I couldn’t do this activity – something that I’ve been getting much better at. I decided, however, that instead of trying to go back to sleep (I wasn’t having much luck), I would get up and at least practice the activity. This way, I wouldn’t lose too much momentum.

Something great happened when I was about to practice facing my fears. I succeeded at doing much more! I actually got done what I wanted to get done instead of holding onto the doubt that I had minutes before! It felt amazing to succeed and to prove to myself that I am stronger than my anxiety!

So next time you’re lying down and obsessing, try to get up. You might just find that by getting up, the obsessing stops and you’ll be able to succeed in a way you may have at first doubted.

16 Replies to “Sometimes The Best Thing To Do Is Get Up!”

  1. OH my gosh . This is awesome. I do the same thing and when I move and do something else it breaks the anxiety. Someone told me about the power of changing your physical space on the mind. It could be something as simple ( not so simple) as getting out of bed .:) . So happy for you 🙂

  2. That’s awesome! It’s always a pleasant surprise to achieve more than we initially set out to do!

  3. I have experienced this like a hundred times where I wake up and just overthink about the things that I need to do, there are moments that I want to give up but I haven’t even started doing it yet lol but yeah you should try to do it first before you give up, sometimes we get surprise by our own capabilities.

    “Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.”

  4. This is my technique too. More often than not, the anticipation is worse than the activity itself and once you’ve stopped building it up in your mind and you’re doing it, you start to calm down. xx

  5. “No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.” ― Regina Brett

    This is what I say to myself when I’m having ‘one of those self doubting moments’

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