The Snack Food Book Tag!

Once again, the wonderful The Bookish Underdog has tagged me! Thank you so much! This time, I’ve been tagged for The Snack Food Book Tag created by Lucia.

1. Chocolate-Covered Pretzels: A book couple you never thought would work/get together?

I’m gonna go with Miles and Alison (the second Alison) from If You Could See Me Now.

2. Prunegales (see what I did there? the name is trademarked so I couldn’t use it): An addictive book you can’t get enough of?

So I’ve only read it once, but The Unwanted by John Saul was really good. I know I’ve mentioned this book before, but hey, what are you gonna do? A good book is a good book!

3. Trail mix: A book with a variety of characters?

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, but I have to go with If You Could See Me Now again. There were tons of people in that book!

4. Fruit bowls: An unpredictable character?

Eric Cavanaugh from The Unwanted. Seriously.

5. Nut Bar: Your go-to book?

I’m just going to say any James Patterson or Harlan Coben book.

6. Popcorn: A character you can’t help but like?

I know this is a book tag, but I’m going to go with a movie villain and a mean character from a movie. I love Linoge as a bad guy from Storm of the Century (in all fairness, this was also turned into a screenplay) and Richard Dees from The Night Flier (also a movie from a Stephen King story). While one’s…well…evil and one’s and a*s hole, they’re played really well!

I tag:

You’re Not Alone In This World

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The (Mostly) Music Blog

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Just Izzy

In Silence We Suffer

Anyone who wants to participate!


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