March Photo A Day Challenge – March 18th

So today for the photo challenge, your supposed to take a picture of a book. I know I’ve mentioned a lot of my favorite books on here before, so I decided to take a picture of a different book that I have.

I’m not sure that I believe this book really works (a part of me hopes it doesn’t, I asked it if I would ever be a writer and it said it didn’t know how to answer and then I asked if I’d be a professional author and it said “control yourself” – two answers that don’t seem very optimistic!). Anyway, while I don’t really think it can tell the answers, the book has a cool concept to it; you ask it yes or no questions and you flip to a random page. All of the pages have quotes by famous authors and their supposedly the answers to your questions.

Whether or not this book can really tell you the answers to the questions you ask it, it has some good quotes from famous authors.


Want to learn more about the challenge? Click here!


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