March Photo A Day Challenge – March 13th

I know I’m a little early posting this, but I thought I would do it now.

Today for the challenge is to post an image of your favorite accessory. My favorite accessory? My necklace from Origami Owl! I love their stuff!




Want to learn more about the challenge? Click here!


Also, here are the days I will be skipping for the rest of the challenge due to the photos being too personal:

March 14th – Something in your front yard

March 16th – “You”

March 21st – Living Room

March 22nd – Neighborhood

March 25th – What’s on your feet

March 30th – Desk/Workspace (I’m still considering doing this one. Not sure)

4 Replies to “March Photo A Day Challenge – March 13th”

  1. Hmm. You could always do a very small glimpse or an object from said places for those dates if you still want to do it, that way it’s not as personal as you’d like. And even an object or something that you think best represents you for the 16th

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