Why Do Blog Challenges (or other things not directly related to anxiety)?

The other day I had someone ask me (not a blogger, mind you), why I participate in challenges and the like when they don’t have anything to do with anxiety. The answer to this is actually quite simple.

For starters, I find challenges fun. I find sketching fun. I find posting award posts fun (and exciting). I’m honored to receive award nominations, challenge opportunities, and be able to draw a little better than I used to. I see nothing wrong with sharing these things online. Also, and no I’m not just saying this, I think that blog challenges are a great way to both: (1) distract us from our anxiety, and (2) help us go out of our comfort zones to get some of the pictures to complete the challenges.

Just because my main focus on this blog is talking about anxiety, does not mean that I can’t expand my horizons. Also, there is more to writing about anxiety sometimes than talking about your experiences with the issue. Sometimes writing about anxiety also has to do with giving helpful tips on how to get through it (like participating in challenges, drawing, etc.). Also, a great way to combat anxiety is to discover things that you enjoy and to do those things instead of constantly worrying.

Honestly, I also just like participating in these blog challenges. They give me something interesting to think about and something different to do. It’s important that we enjoy what we write and blog about. So, I’m going to write and blog about anxiety, but I’m also going to participate in challenges, tags, etc., if I want to as well.

The bottom line. Write what you want. As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, you should make your blog about what makes you happy.



11 thoughts on “Why Do Blog Challenges (or other things not directly related to anxiety)?

  1. It’s so frustrating when people question why we do things. Because we want to! Duh! lol if you enjoy challenges then go ahead and participate. If another person doesn’t like them, that’s fine too. Do what makes you happy and what calms you ☺️.

  2. You should do whatever makes you happy! This is YOUR place here to do what you will. That’s why I struggle so much to have a niche, because I’m interested in so many different things.Challenges are so much fun and you’re so right about what you said!

  3. It totally makes sense to do things that make you happy. I don’t see why blogging about anxiety should hold you back from doing enjoyable things and stepping out of your comfort zone. The blog is for you to show whatever you want, not just about anxiety. 🙂

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