7 Photos for 7 Days Photo Challenge – Day 3


A baby deer that we found in our backyard. She was adorable!


Same baby deer and her mother a few days later!



Birds seeking shelter from the rain (sorry that it’s so blurry!)


A drawing of Spot and Arlo that I drew from The Good Dinosaur. I didn’t see the movie, but I thought it would be cute to draw!


Drawing of Pluto that I drew


Drawing of a tiger that I drew


So while I’m enjoying this challenge (I really am), as you can see it’s getting harder and harder to come up with seven pictures each day. You can see my desperation just by looking at the last three pictures – they’re drawings! Anyway, from now on, when it comes to this challenge in particular, I think I’m just going to take one picture of seven different things.

*I will not be doing today’s challenge for the March Photo A Day Challenge, but I will probably do tomorrow’s!


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