Game Time!

C. from You’re Not Alone In This World nominated me to participate in this awesome game! Thanks C! I will be participating and then nominating others to do the same!



My Answers:

Action Movies!

Music! (I’m awful at playing sports and don’t like watching them either!)

Movies! (At the risk of sounding like an awful writer!)

McDonald’s! (I’m not even gonna lie! I love my hash browns, especially!)


Water (notice the lack of exclamation. I’m not a fan of either really.)

Both (Like C. said, it depends on the weather.)

Black (red is one of my least favorite colors actually. That and yellow.)


Funny (though I’m more quiet than funny)


I nominate…

Tori at Tori’s Stories

Becky at In Becky’s Head

Gemma at Lost to the Dark

Jen at Motivation for Today’s Reality

Mary at Mary’s Average Adventures

And anyone who wants to participate!





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