When dealing with anxiety and other mental health issues, it can sometimes be difficult to have hope. I know that for me, while sometimes I feel extremely hopeful that I will get through my anxiety and be able to do the things I want, other times I feel the exact opposite.

Anxiety has a way of making us feel like we can’t do things. Anxiety also has a way of making us feel weak. The thing is though, that neither thing is true. I know this. I went to school, I graduated college, I got a B.A. in Arts and Sciences, I used to go shopping, I’ve been to restaurants and been fine, and so much more. There is physically nothing wrong with me.

However, I have lived with anxiety for so long now that it is sometimes difficult to see beyond it. I have tried for so long to get through my anxiety, and although I have made a lot of progress, I still struggle immensely. Sometimes I wonder if I find it difficult to do simple, everyday things, how will I accomplish bigger tasks?

We have to have hope though and the truth is, that we should. There is no real reason not to have hope. Why? Because we can get through our anxiety and other mental health issues! We just have to keep working hard and keep proving to ourselves that we are stronger than our obstacles and challenges!

I know this isn’t always easy. Sometimes we wonder how, if we’ve tried for so long to get better and still struggle, we’ll ever get through this. However, getting better is not an overnight thing and it’s not always something you can put a timer on either. It’s not always possible to say “in ten years, this will all go away”. Life doesn’t work like that. We just have to keep having hope and working hard on a consistent basis. We can and will get through this!


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8 Replies to “Hope”

  1. I’ve found hope to be vital to surviving anxiety. Discovering hope has been interesting because for a long time I was trying to “live in the present moment,” without thinking about the future (hope is to think positively about the future). But I’ve learned that in order to be truly present, I do have to have thoughts about the future–and they must be positive! Otherwise I make my anxiety / depression much worse.

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