If You Could See Me Now – A Book Review

Copyright: 1977

Rating: 4.7/5

My Synopsis:

On July 21, 1955, two cousins make a pact that in twenty years, whether married or not, they will meet back where they grew up. However, what the two cousins don’t realize is that something will happen that night that will change their lives forever.


Twenty years later, Miles returns to the town where he grew up. While he says that it’s to write a book, he knows that the real reason for his return is much more meaningful, to meet up with his cousin.

Young women around town start to be found both killed and raped. Due to his slightly devious past, all eyes are on Miles. From the women in the stores to the farmers, side glances and rude remarks make their way towards the man who has returned after several years.

My Opinion:

This is the first book I ever read by Peter Straub and let me tell you that I was impressed! From start to finish, the story keeps you on edge, wondering why everyone acts the way they do.

The characters in this book are easy to both fall in love with and hate. The book goes beyond examining the spiritual and strange, and shows just how truly interesting humanity can be. Not only does Straub talk about topics such as death and suspicion, but also about the human condition, the minds of criminals, secrets amongst humanity, and much more.

The way that Peter Straub writes this story is wonderful. He uses imagery well and while some images are disturbing, it evokes just how cruel some individuals can be. Also, as in many ghost stories, movies, and shows, the book studies the idea of the smallest towns being the ones with the citizens that hold the biggest, deepest, and darkest secrets.

While there may not be action in every single page, the good writing and the thrilling topics in this story such as humanity, suspicion, and paranormal activity, keep the reader more than interested. This is a good solid read!


13 Replies to “If You Could See Me Now – A Book Review”

  1. Great review! I haven’t heard of this book… from 1977. Just curious, how did you find it? Seems like I just read current books, but I should remember to read older ones too. I’ve probably been missing out! Jenny

      1. That explains it! My mom reads Stephen King books, which surprises me. Too scary for me! But I do like suspense books… I’m going to check out the Straub one. Thanks!

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