The Untold Story of the Liebster Award

I just read this amazing story written by Sharon over at Curious Queendom. She is so creative, talented, and kind. Please check out her wonderful blog!

Curious Queendom

I was nominated for the Liebster Award, so I went on a search to discover just what this award means. This is what I “found.”

Once upon a time, a woman magically appeared at the entrance of a cave. She couldn’t remember what she had been doing before she was summoned nor why she was summoned there in the first place.

She turned toward the cave and was greeted by a stench of death, blood and sweat. She waved at air, trying to dispel the terrible smell to no a avail, hastily backing away from the cave into forest thick with trees – the forest so thick that it formed an impassable wall.

Staring at the entrance to the cave, she contemplated her options: die here in the nook before the cave from eventual starvation, or journey into the unknown while she still had the strength to face the dangers…

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