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Some of you may know that in addition to writing about anxiety, I sometimes write about reading and writing. I’ve been working on a story lately and I realized that although I’m still may not be the greatest writer in the world, I’m pretty proud of what I’ve written so far.

I think that a great way to get better at writing is to read more. Not only does reading give you an idea of what works in a story, but you can see how other authors write and get a feel for how important the author’s voice is. Once you realize what makes a good story, you can find your own voice and write your own amazing story!

I thought I would make a list of writers that I think are amazing. This way if you plan on writing a story of a certain genre, you can know whose books to read to give you an idea of what makes such a great story and what qualities make a great writer!


-Harlan Coben: In addition to great ideas, Harlan Coben has a way of keeping you on your toes and making you feel part of the story. I get so excited when he comes out with new books! By the way, he’s coming out with a new one called Fool Me Once on March 22nd! He even has a video up about it on his website! Feel free to let me know if you check it out!

Recommended Books: Tell No One, Long Lost, etc.

-James Patterson: James Patterson is also an author that has the amazing talent of keeping you on your toes. His chapters are quick-paced and short. He makes you want to keep turning the pages for more! If you want to check out a great TV series based on one of his books, check out Zoo. It’s on Netflix!

Recommended Books: Now You See Her, Truth or Die, Zoo, Sunday’s At Tiffany’s (Romance, also a movie!), etc.


-John Saul: Let me tell you guys something. John Saul is an amazing writer! I wish I would have read his books even earlier on. The story that I mentioned that I’m working on is a ghost story and I really feel that reading John Saul’s books has helped me. He’s a mastermind at using imagery. So many times I find it hard to feel like I’m part of the story, but with his books, it’s easy! In fact, I almost stopped reading a book by him because his imagery was so strong (I’m still not sure I like the book, it’s a bit depressing. It’s called Shadows.)

Recommended Books: The Unwanted, Nathaniel, Hell Fire

-Stephen King: I actually have only read a few short stories by Stephen King (I’ve never finished any of his longer novels), but I do LOVE his ideas and a lot of the movies and TV shows that were made from his books! He has great ideas and really is a good writer! I’m going to list some of the movies/TV shows that I love that were created from his books!

Recommended watching: The Dead Zone (TV show), Haven (TV show), The Stand (TV show/Movie), The Dead Zone (Movie), The Langoliers (Movie), Storm of the Century (TV series/Movie), Fire Starter (Movie), The Shawshank Redemption (Movie), The Shining (Movie)


Extra recommended watching: The 4400. I just started watching this on Netflix and really like it so far! It’s a science fiction show.


Other Great Books with Great Writing:

Suspect-Robert Crais: A GREAT book for both those who love suspense books and books about animals. See description here.

Dead Lines- Greg Bear: Another great ghost story. I haven’t read it in a while, but it’s always the book that I say is my favorite! Want to know more? Click here!

What books do you recommend for those who want to write/read thriller or horror stories?

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      1. Me either lol. Idk why, maybe because of how bullied I was in and out of school, even after graduating high school, I was still bullied (usually by my closest friends). I haven’t been “bullied” since I turned 18, and I don’t want to be again! I’m 21 now, so hopefully all the bullying is over, plus I’m starting to get comfortable with the people of WordPress.

      2. I’m like that too. It’s hard to trust people on the internet when they can really be anybody. It’s okay to talk to people but you have to be careful about giving out too much information. I know you know that, I just wanted you to be safe.

      1. Ha, maybe. It’s less of a ghost story and more just…depressing so far. It’s about a kid who is really smart and goes away to this school/house where other kids are really smart and have special abilities, etc. It’s just that it’s really graphic but in a depressing way instead of a creepy ghost story way, if that makes sense. It’s weird, because part of me wants to keep reading and see if anything ghost like/science fiction like happens but I don’t want to keep reading just to find that it continues to be depressing.

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