Benefits of Being a Bibliophile (A Book Lover!)

I saw this post title on Abbie’s blog, Café Book Bean and had to participate. So without further ado, here are what I think are the benefits of loving books!

Books help you learn and are always there for you!

Books can make you feel so many different emotions! They bring happiness and excitement into your life!
Reading is relaxing!
Reading reminds me of why I want to write! To be able to bring someone happiness and make someone fall in love with a new world!
Books smell amazing. Most of them, anyway!
The more you read, the better you’ll become at writing.
If you find the right books, you’ll never be bored again!
As Abbie asked, what do you think are the benefits to loving books?
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24 Replies to “Benefits of Being a Bibliophile (A Book Lover!)”

  1. I love this post! Books are awesome 🙂
    For me a benefit of being a bookworm is reading helps me escape. For a few hours I can get away from my worries and problems, exchange my mundane life to get lost in a more exciting world 🙂

      1. If you need any recommendations, let me know! I’m currently reading Shadows by John Saul but I’m not sure how I feel about it. The other three books I read by him were horror/ghost stories but this one’s different. Part of me wants to know what happens, but it’s a bit depressing so I’m not sure if I want to keep reading.

  2. Books are the best and they are timeless. I feel like a bit of an oddball because I love 17th century literature, but I’m so fascinated with the way the world was back then! And when I read from that era I get to see a little bit of it as told first hand by someone who lived it.

    1. You shouldn’t feel ashamed of what you like to read, everyone likes different things! I know that a lot of bloggers that I see writing about books seem to read things that I’ve never heard of or read. It just has a lot to do with preference! 🙂

      1. Thank you! 🙂 Yeah it’s cool to see what other people are reading, sometimes I try different genres out that I’m not used to!

      2. Tell No One-Harlan Coben

        Zoo- James Patterson (I didn’t finish, but it’s a good book. I just have a bad habit of not finishing books sometimes!)

        Nathaniel-John Saul
        The Unwanted-John Saul
        Hellfire-John Saul

        James Patterson and Harlan Coben both write thrillers and are my two favorite authors. John Saul writes horror stories and is my third favorite author! 🙂

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