Given time

Sometimes when things get difficult, it can be hard to believe in ourselves. However, with consistent hard work, we will get through our anxiety and over any other obstacles we may have.

Matt is a wonderful writer! Please check out his great poem and amazing blog! 🙂

In Silence We Suffer

Let the clouds pour misery over you;

As I can see a blue sky breaking through…

Just as in winter a tree becomes cold,

Its branches bare, its beauty untold.

Given time new leaves will grow,

But, I warn you, progress may be slow.

Just as grass will turn to mud

Damaged, for now, by a flood.

Given time that grass will sprout anew.

Have patience, I know this to be true.

Just as the howling winds threaten a tree to fall,

But the strengths of her roots keep her standing tall.

Given time the raging storms will subside.

Don’t be uprooted, try to make it to the other side.

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