Finding a Mentor

This is great advice from Sandy over at Sandycademy! Please check out her blog!

nameless and anxious

I’ve been undergoing a series of life-changing events lately.  I’m attending college, living in a dorm with a bunch of girls, having to make my own schedule.  I have responsibilities, I have freedom, I have countless opportunities.  It’s all amazing, but it’s also very overwhelming.

Every weekend for the past two weeks, I’ve come home in tears.  What if I didn’t choose the right major?  What if I’m wasting my time?  Will I ever make friends beyond my dorm room?  It goes beyond that though.  I’m constantly tearing myself to shreds.  I’m too ‘fat’, I’m too awkward, I’m not pretty, I’m dirty, I’m everything bad you can think of.  When I go home, it all just floods out of me and I become a broken crying mess.

I try talking to my parents.  My mom overreacts, taking everything personally and my dad comes at my issues in a logical-problem-solving way.  When…

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