Being Creative with Practicing

Oftentimes when we don’t feel well, we know that we should still be practicing. However, sometimes the question is how. How to we exercise and practice facing our fears when we’re sick, in pain, or simply don’t feel up to doing as much? There are three main options. The first option is that you can simply do nothing that day. You can sit back and just feel the pain you’re going through or just complain about being sick. The other option is that you can push yourself just as hard as usual, but risk making yourself feel worse by wearing yourself out or close to it. The third option, is that you can be creative with your stretching, exercising, and practicing.

What do I mean by being creative? I mean that you can look for other options to achieve the same or a similar goal. This option shouldn’t be as aggressive, but should still help you make progress. For example, I like to do an exercise where I put my hands on my hips and stand with my feet apart. I then lean my back and head back and point my head towards the ceiling. I do this so that I can show myself that I can trust my body. Now, what if one day I don’t feel well or find it hard to stand and do this exercise? Maybe, just maybe, I can sit down and lean my back and head back, still pointing my head towards the ceiling. That way I accomplished the stretch, just in a different way.

Now, I by no means am saying that you should always find an “easier route”. Being creative with your stretches and exercises shouldn’t be used as an excuse. For the most part, you should try to find the best way to exercise and practice facing your fears. What I am saying is that sometimes it’s better to do something in a simpler way than not to do it at all.

So, when you’re sick, not feeling well, or injured and you really (key word – really) don’t feel like you can do your normal stretches and exercises, don’t just stop practicing or exercising altogether. Try to find another way that you can practice facing your fears so that you stay on track.

*Please remember that before you try to find an “easier route” to exercising, you should try to make an attempt to work just as hard as usual. However, if you really don’t feel up to it, feel free to find a slightly more comfortable way to practice facing your fears.


4 Replies to “Being Creative with Practicing”

  1. “Do it, damn it!” That’s what I say to myself when my energy / motivation is low. It’s so hard to kick my butt into gear sometimes, but exercise and creativity really help. Creativity especially for me. Actually, the exercise can fuel the creativity, because I’ll think about writing while I’m exercising… 🙂 You’re so right B.G.

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