2 Year Blog Anniversary – Focusing on the Positive!

Okay, so when I just signed into WordPress, I got a message about how today is my two year anniversary of signing up. Now, I’m going to admit that while my initial reaction was to be happy about it, my reaction quickly changed to being a little upset. Why? Because the whole reason I started this blog was to talk about my anxiety and two years later, I’m still dealing with it. However, I realized that there are so many positives about this being my two year anniversary on WordPress and that, is what I should be focusing on! So what are the positives?

1.) For two years, I’ve been keeping up with this blog. This shows hard work and dedication. I could have given up on my writing, but I love to write and I love meeting you guys! I’ve kept motivated and I’ve continued to try to inspire myself and others!

2.) I’ve been able to “meet” you guys! I’ve met so many amazing friends and bloggers on here. You guys are such great writers and you are so passionate. You have inspired me so much and have proved just how powerful words can be!

3.) I’ve been able to see just how much my writing matters. While I already thought I was a pretty good writer (not to sound conceited), I admit that sometimes I still wonder how good I am and if my writing makes a difference. I think to some degree, everyone that enjoys writing and/or wants to be a professional writer one day wonders this. You guys have shared such wonderful compliments and have really shown me just how much you appreciate my writing. Thank you!

4.) Through blogging, I have learned just how strong we all are and how with continued hard work, we can get through our anxiety and over any other obstacles we may face.

5.) I’ve been able to see myself and others make improvement. I’ve read so many posts from other bloggers that have lifted my spirits and given me hope.

6.) Through writing this blog, I’ve been able to discover other great blogs and have written some guests posts for some of them. I also discovered The Seeds 4 Life and Battle of Mind; two great places to find inspirational posts. Along with discovering these great places to read, I’ve been able to contribute my own work, which has felt great. I love knowing that I can help others as well as myself.

7.) While this goes along with number 6, I’ve been able to expand in my creative horizons. I’ve written poems on here (alone and with others), I’ve written to anxiety (on Letters to the Mind), and I even started sketching a little here and there and posting them on my blog! I also created some blog awards of my own, something I’d never done before! While some of these things I did even before blogging (like writing poetry), blogging has made me even more passionate about them!

8.) I’ve been blessed to receive several blog awards and have been able to share them with other great bloggers!

So, yes, there is the unfortunate fact that I have been struggling with anxiety for a long time and that still my blog has a lot to do with those struggles. However, there are so many more positive things about having this blog for two years so far than there are negative. I’ve come so far in terms with getting better at dealing with my anxiety and becoming more positive. The things above are just some of the great things that I’ve discovered through blogging! Thank you!



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52 Replies to “2 Year Blog Anniversary – Focusing on the Positive!”

  1. I think you deserve a huge congratulations, not just for writing for two years, but for showing such courage, determination and relentless desire to move forward and stay positive. Anxiety is not something with a quick fix and solution but I do believe that writing helps, so keep it up. You are amazing. Believe that. We’re all here in it with you.

  2. Happy 2 year anniversary! I’m glad you are able to realize all the positive that has come from your blog. You are smart, strong and resilient. Kudos to you! Wishing you many more years of strength and growth, xoxo.

  3. I’m proud of you. I was BORN anxious, so you are doing great. I was just a master of hiding it until a year ago. Now, it seems like everyone can see what exactly is wrong with me, and that is VERY uncomfortable…

      1. Thank you. ::almost has tears in her eyes because it had been so long since she heard THOSE EXACT WORDS that she wanted to hear:: I appreciate that so much.

      2. Will do, if and when I find my voice. Sometimes, when I feel so low, I can barely muster a sound out of myself other than an angry sigh. I literally tense up and clench my teeth, finding myself unable to communicate for a few minutes. I actually go from melting down to shutting down. But yeah, if I find my voice, then I am able to speak/type. In fact, I prefer typing over any form of communicating. That way, I can just focus on what I am saying instead of how I say it… because how I say it sounds offensive and abrasive. And the poor person who has to listen probably gets defensive.

      3. You’re right. I shouldn’t, but I have NO self-esteem. I guess I should like myself because you’re right, I AM a nice person. Too nice sometimes, but it happens. And I cured some of my anxiety today. I’m proud of myself.

  4. Happy Anniversary.

    I think that your blog proves how powerful words can be. I hope that your blog gets big enough to reach all the people out there that feel alone with their struggle. I’m just happy to have ever met you BG 🙂

  5. It’s a journey. I love how you look at the positives from the past two years of blogging. I feel the same. You have been a big inspiration to me! So thank you so much for that. Think of all the people you’ve reached, and how what you say inspires them and helps them in their struggles. Congratulations on your blog anniversary! Here’s to another two more (at least!) Take care, Jenny

  6. You’re one of my most favourite people I’ve ever “met” on here. I love your blogs and I’m so glad you’re still blogging!

  7. Two years is a long time, so well done for blogging this long!! I’m so glad you have, because your writing and kindness has really helped me, so thank you! 🙂 I know you said that you are a little upset that you are still fighting your anxiety, but try to focus on how far you’ve come, and how many other people you have helped along the way!

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