Grains of Sand – January ’16

So as many of you know, Sandy from Sandycademy, created a wonderful project called Grains of Sand. Grains of Sand is a great way of keeping track of your monthly progress. For this month, please check out Sandy’s progress here. She accomplished some great things!

The following are my Grains of Sand for January 2016!

Had a good January 1st

  • Did a lot of exercising like I wanted to

Worked on story with Jade

  • I really enjoy writing and working with someone so talented. Projects are a great way to communicate with others and share your talents with one another. Also, working on a project helps with responsibility and creativity.

Was able to help someone with something

  • This felt great! To be able to help someone and really feel like I made a difference meant so much to me!

Went downstairs and did what I went down to do-to look for a picture I had been looking for. I didn’t find the picture, but I didn’t go upstairs before looking through everything I wanted to. I remained calm, did what I needed to, and went upstairs!

  • It felt so good to be successful at something that usually might cause me some anxiety. I really felt empowered getting this done!

Started exercising/practicing more

  • Consistently practicing facing my fears feels wonderful! It makes me see that I have the strength and ability to get through my anxiety. It’s not always easy, but with hard work you can accomplish your goals!

Started reading Hell Fire by John Saul

  • I started yet another great book by John Saul. It really does feel great to read again. At first, I wasn’t reading it at a very good pace, but then I started to and really like it so far.

Got interviewed by Sharon at Curious Queendom about communicating through blogging

  • I was so honored to be chosen for this interview. Sharon is a wonderful person, friend, and writer. Her article is great and she’s so full of kindness. Her article that I was interviewed for will be posted on her blog tomorrow! Please take the time to check it out! She’s awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

Was able to accomplish something that I hadn’t done in a while

  • It felt so amazing to do this again. I was able to once again show myself that I do have the strength to get through my anxiety and that I can!

Made some progress at my grandma’s

  • While I still struggled a little, I was able to do two things that I usually wouldn’t feel able to do. While these accomplishments may seem small to some, there is no such thing as insignificant positive progress! To read my post on this, click here!



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