Age is just a number

A wonderful reminder from Matt at In Silence We Suffer! Please check out his wonderful blog!

In Silence We Suffer

My uncle and his partner visited us for dinner on Saturday evening, and during the course of the meal I was asked the inevitable “So Matt, you’re 20 now, what do you want to do with your life?”

My answer seemed inadequate. I admitted that I didn’t know.

I was told that I should.

I can’t say that that is something I agree with. Why should I know? Just because I’m 20? What’s so different from being 19? It could just be a single day. Has anyone ever woken up on the morning of their 20th birthday and realised that they’ve finally found their life’s purpose?

You don’t create your life first and then live it. You create it by living it.

We cannot become defined by our age. It’s not like there are things that everyone should and should not know about the direction their life will take by a…

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