1 in 4 People Are Not Faking

Sorry guys for another reblog, but this is really important. Em describes the horrible feeling of when someone tells you that “you’re faking” your mental health issue or that “you’re just doing it for attention”.


1 in 4 people will experience some form of mental illness throughout their lives.

And it angers me so, so much, when people raise views about people like me.

I’ve been told before that I’m faking. That I’m just seeking attention. That I’m fake.

I’ve been around others, who make fun of other people for ‘faking’.

So let me ask you, what is YOUR definition of some-one who’s faking?

Me scrunched in a ball, tears flowing down my cheeks, panic rising, the fear overwhelming. To me, it is all extremely real. At that moment in time, I don’t bloody care what you are thinking, or what you’re saying. I care about getting out alive. Sometimes I think I might not make it. Are you telling me that all those feelings, I’m creating for attention?

Believe me. Anyone who has ever experienced a mental health illness will KNOW how horrible…

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