So Happy!

I just accomplished something amazing! I’m so happy and I just want to share with you guys the fact that you can get through your anxiety. When I was practicing facing my fears this morning, I didn’t get overly anxious. However, when I did feel myself getting a little anxious, I reminded myself to accept the anxiety and to work through it. I did and am happy to say that I succeeded! At one point I didn’t know if I could get through what I was trying to accomplish but then I told myself that if I did, it would feel great! You know what? It does! So please don’t give up! Keep trying and you will get through your anxiety and over any other obstacles you may have!



23 Replies to “So Happy!”

  1. THIS IS AMAZING! You’ll have good days…and you’ll have bad days. But sooner or later, those second ones will be in the minority, like today. Thank you for the encouragement xx

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