Following Through

Yesterday I had quite the successful day when it came to exercising and practicing facing my fears. Yes, I may have struggled a little while practicing, but I kept trying. Also, I did more exercises than I’ve done in a while. Instead of ignoring my reminders on my phone to exercise like I’ve been doing lately, I actually followed through and it felt great!

Following through with exercising and facing your fears doesn’t just help you get through your anxiety, but it also shows you that you have the ability to follow through on something important. Also, after practicing and exercising like I knew I should, I felt really good about myself. I felt productive and I felt like I really tried.

By exercising, I showed myself that I could not only trust my mind and body to get through things, but I also showed myself that I could be accountable. I also showed myself that despite sometimes feeling lazy, I do have the ability to get things done. I know what’s important and I tried my hardest yesterday not to let my laziness get the best of me.

Just like when we succeed at beating our anxiety, when we exercise and practice like we planned, it feels great! It feels great to know that I tried so hard yesterday and I really feel that if I continue to do so, it’ll help me get through my anxiety and learn to exercise and practice on a more consistent basis!

So, even though it might be difficult. When you know you should be exercising and practicing facing your fears, please try your hardest to do so. Please look laziness in the eye and tell it that getting up and taking steps to overcome your obstacles is important!



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