Focusing on Positivity Instead of Anxiety Is Like…

Focusing on one sound instead of another. Let me explain.

So, I just finished pedaling a little while ago and while I was doing so, I realized something. There are two distinct sounds that my pedal machine makes. There’s a “thudding” sound and “swishing” sound. The “thudding” sound seems more dominant, but the “swishing” sound is definitely present.

As I was pedaling, I realized that you could focus on either sound. You could either focus on the loud thudding sound (which is less pleasing to the ears) or you can focus on the swishing sound. I thought about how the thudding sound is kind of like anxiety; it’s loud and it’s hard not to concentrate on. The swishing sound can be likened to positivity and focusing on other things besides our anxiety. It may seem impossible to do, but if we really concentrate, we’ll be able to hear the swishing sound over the thudding.

What does this analogy teach us? It teaches us that no matter how hard it may seem, we can choose to concentrate on the positive instead of the negative. We can make our strength louder than our weakness, we can make getting through anxiety louder than struggling with it.

I hope this analogy has helped! Do you have any analogies that help you get through anxiety?


3 thoughts on “Focusing on Positivity Instead of Anxiety Is Like…

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