There Is a Point

Do you ever practice facing your fears and you still find that you struggle? Do you ever do something that makes you feel great about yourself and then on the same day, you experience something that makes you feel miserable? I know the feeling and I felt it yesterday.

Yesterday I practiced facing my fears on more than one occasion. They may not have been huge steps, but they were pretty important and significant. I felt good about myself and yet, still later on yesterday, I struggled with the same thing I was trying to avoid by practicing.

I found this really frustrating. There I was doing pretty well at practicing facing my fears, but when it came to the actual thing, I still struggled and didn’t do as well as I would have liked. It made me question the point to even practicing earlier on that day since I still hadn’t made much headway.

The thing is though, that as I’ve mentioned before, it’s all about practicing consistently. Not only did I need to practice yesterday, but I need to continue to practice on a regular basis. I know that you might be tired of hearing about this, but it’s very important.

Our minds (and bodies) have to readjust. For many of us, we’ve struggled with anxiety and other mental health issues for so long that we almost feel like they’re a part of us; like we need them. Our minds and bodies are so used to them now that it’s hard for us to break free from our issues, even though we really want to.

This is why consistency is so important. We have to retrain our minds and bodies so that we realize that we have the strength to get through our anxiety and other mental health issues. We need to learn that we don’t have to suffer.




12 Replies to “There Is a Point”

  1. ((hugs)) I know you said you felt disappointed with your struggling, but the fact you even attempted to face a fear is admirable. Well done for trying xo

  2. I completely understand where you are at. I view anxiety as a habit, if you like, and I read so much that to really break a long established habit you need to consistently reinforce your new behaviour for at least 6 weeks to re-wire your brain. So don’t give up, keep going and keep that day by day practice. You’ll make it – I did!!

  3. I wouldn’t dare say that I know how you feel in regards to what appears to be a history of anxiety and mental health issues, but I do want to add that there are times when I feel anxious or as if my mind is working against me. All of humanity experiences this at some level, right? I commend you for paying attention and figuring out how to beat this with different techniques. There are so many people who keep doing the same thing over and over and never attempt to break this vicious cycle.
    In an attempt to protect ourselves from harm we put up defensive that don’t always work for our greater good. Yes, it may appear to work in the beginning but slowly we find that what we believed was for the good is actually hurting us. When we come to the point where our intentions seem warped we need to change direction and begin a new practice, one day at a time. Don’t give up. Keep going because even those of us who believe we have a good grip on our lives, stumble too. Guess what we do? The same exact thing you mentioned. We face our fears, sometimes with our eyes closed, sometimes crying, sometimes scared as hell, but we push through it.
    The title: Getting Through Anxiety, leaves me to believe that you already have your intentions set and that you WILL in fact, get through it. I wish you brighter tomorrows and I hope that the day will come when I will look on your renamed blog and witness your new title: Through Anxiety!
    Don’t give up! –W38

    1. Wow, thank you for such a thoughtful and inspirational comment! It means so much to me that you put in so much thought and positivity! I hope, too, that one day I can rename my blog and write more and more about success rather than disappointment! I wish you all the best and thanks for stopping by!

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