Posting Challenge Day 3!

Hey guys! Today is the last day of Poetry-Jo’s 3 Day Posting Challenge. I’ve really enjoyed doing this. Thanks again to Angela from I Am My Own Island for nominating me and to Jo for creating this challenge!

Today’s question/assignment is as follows:

So we know who you are and your dreams for the future, today I would like you to list 5 things. Five small actions you can do daily or weekly to bring you from the person you are today to the person you hope to be in the future.

1.) Exercise/practice facing my anxiety on a consistent basis!

  • This is so important to me. I want to get through my anxiety and this is an important step towards accomplishing this goal!

2.) Write more!

  • I want to be a professional author one day and writing more is a great way to improve my writing skills (along with reading of course!).

3.) Read more!

  • Along with writing, reading is a great way to learn how to write effectively. Also, reading is a great way to keep our minds busy so that we don’t stress as much!

4.) Don’t allow other people’s negativity to bring me down

  • I know a lot of people who are critical of me, my progress, and just things in general. It can be really hard to fight off negative words when you hear them so much. However, I have to remember that I have a lot of positive attributes and that I’m a wonderful person (just like many of you are!). I can’t allow others to bring me down!

5.) Push through my anxiety more

  • This may seem the same as #1 on my list but it’s not. It’s one thing to exercise and practice facing your fears, but it’s another to push through them while your experiencing them. Often times, pushing through your fears is the hardest thing to do.

So once again, to everyone I nominated and to whoever would like to answer: what are five small things you can do to bring you from who you are today to the person who you want to be in the future?



14 thoughts on “Posting Challenge Day 3!

  1. My five things would be:
    1.Stop over thinking and over analyzing everything.
    2. Live in the moment.
    3. Stop feeling less than just because some one else may have more of something I admire.
    4. Stop being so sensitive when receiving criticisms. I want to learn to listen, try to understand and maybe learn from it.
    5.Believe in myself more.

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  3. carlalouise89 says:

    I love this!!! And great “challenges” you’ve set for yourself! I’m sure Future B.G. will have no problems with this!

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