Posting Challenge Day 2!

So for day two of Poetry-Jo’s 3 Day Posting Challenge, she asked the following question:

“For this challenge you need to really explore your grandest dreams for your future. We are talking wild, big, bigger and biggest. Money is no obstacle and we live in a perfect world. What is your wildest dream?” -Jo

My biggest dream is to be a professional fiction author. I’d like to be married, have kids, a dog, and make a living writing. I want to keep in touch with my amazing family and make amazing friends. I want to experience a life where my anxiety is well managed and where it doesn’t hold me back from doing the things I love.

If we lived in a perfect world with no crime, etc., I’d also like to meet some of my wonderful blogger friends!


So, to the people who I nominated yesterday and really anyone who would like to participate: what is your biggest, wildest dream?


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