Keeping Promises (For Yourself)

A lot of us make promises. Whether we make them to ourselves or to others, I think it’s extremely important that we keep them (if they’re healthy, of course). However, I think for many of us, the promises we make to ourselves may be the hardest for us to keep. Why? Because it often becomes so easy for us to slack off when it comes to taking care of ourselves.

I’ve said this a thousand times, and I’ll probably say it a thousand more, but consistency when it comes to facing our fears and exercising is so important. With the new year arriving, many of us set goals and resolutions. I know how it can be. We set these goals and resolutions with good intentions and high hopes, but somewhere down the line, we start to slack off. It’s not intentional and it’s not something we want, but we often times fall into that habit.

I’ve also said before that we can’t afford to do this. We can’t afford to give up on ourselves or not work as hard to get through our issues and over our obstacles. We need to work hard on a consistent basis and we need to keep reminding ourselves why we are practicing and exercising: to get better and to be able to manage our anxiety. To be able to do the things we want without our anxiety holding us back.

I know that many of us want to get through our anxiety and other obstacles because we feel that when we go through these hardships, we bring others with us. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to get better partially for others, we have to mainly want to get better for ourselves. Why? Because it’s our lives that we are living.

There can be a lot of pressure put on us by others to get better and to do so quickly. A lot of people wonder why we’re not better already or question if we’re even trying at all. We have to try hard not to let others make us feel like failures. We have to realize that if we’re trying our hardest and on a consistent basis, that that’s all that matters. We cannot base our success on the opinions of others. So many of them aren’t going through what we are.



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