Day One Success!

Okay, so as I mentioned in a couple of posts regarding my 2016 goals/resolutions, a main thing that I want to work on is practicing facing my fears and exercising more. I’ve been way to inconsistent when it comes to practicing and exercising on a regular basis.

So today, as I promised myself, I exercised more than usual. While there were times when I didn’t feel like doing so, for the most part, I exercised like I said I would.

I know that not only is it important that I exercised today like I wanted, but that I continue to do so on a consistent basis. However, just because I know that I have to keep up a level of consistency to be as successful as I want to be, this does not mean that each day that I work hard doesn’t matter. Today was an excellent start to the new year and I am quite proud of myself. I know that every moment may not be perfect, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be successful!

I wish you guys all the luck with your resolutions and goals! Again, thank you for all of your support!


18 thoughts on “Day One Success!

    • I can understand that. However, if you search online, you can find tons of exercises that you can do inside as well as out. I wish you all the best in reaching your goals! I have faith that you will accomplish them! Thank you for all your support. 🙂

  1. I’ll be needing the same encouragement for when I head back to University! Funnily enough, it’s not the place where I, as a student, laze out and munch on pot noodles all day – I’m actually at my most active…I just need to make the final push to work that extra bit

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