We Are Strong – A Poem

We Are Strong

It’s been a struggle
A mountain so very steep
Sometimes it seems
I’ll never make it to the top

But then I look behind me
At how far I’ve come
I look ahead
Promising that I’ll never stop

Never stop climbing
Never stop trying
Never stop challenging
Never stop succeeding

I listen to the words
Of those who stand close by
Supporting and listening
Reminding me that I’m not alone

They remind me that they too
Have fought in the battle
That they too have struggled
To remove the sword from the stone

But we are strong
And we are brave
And to our fears
We won’t be slaves

Never stop climbing
Never stop trying
Never stop challenging
Never stop succeeding

© B.G. , gettingthroughanxiety.wordpress.com, 2015.

Sandycademy’s Grains of Sand

Sandy over at Sandycademy created a project called Grains of Sand where she talks about the achievements and accomplishments of the last month. I love this idea because it allows us to look back on the previous month and realize all of the accomplishments we’ve made. So many times we tend to get lost in negativity and forget all of our successes. Please check out Sandy’s blog. The following are my Grains of Sand for November 2015:

-Exercised and stretched a lot more

  • This led to feeling better and making more progress. 🙂

-Had a really good day out with my mom

  • This felt amazing. To be able to go out and really enjoy myself with minimal to no anxiety is a wonderful feeling!

-Received many nice compliments and one of the nicest ones I’ve ever gotten

  • I’ve heard so many nice compliments from you guys on here in the past month and I thank you so much. You have no idea how much that means to me. Genuine kindness is so important.

-Had my dad read one of my short stories and tell me it was really good

  • My dad’s a really good writer in my opinion so when he said how much he liked my story, it made me feel really good about myself as a writer. My dad always tells me the truth, so I know he meant it.

-Finished reading two books

  • This may not seem like a big deal but a lot of times I start books and don’t finish. I truly do love reading so getting back into it really felt good. Also, I’m currently reading The Unwanted by John Saul which is a great book!

-Did second therapist experience (see post for details)

  • I did much better with this the second time. Practice is so essential.

-Did pretty well at neurologist appointment

  • I struggled a little with going to the doctor’s, but I did so much better than usual and it made me see just how strong I am.

-Went to my therapist’s and even though I didn’t know if I could get my weight checked due to anxiety, I did it!

  • It felt so good to be able to do something when I wasn’t sure if I could. Anxiety didn’t control me!

-Went to mom’s friend’s house and did really well. Had a great time without much anxiety.

  • This was a huge deal for me. Sometimes when I go places (even other peoples’ houses), I don’t really enjoy myself. I just stay on the couch. I actually got up and walked around a little, ate, and met some amazing people!

-Helped my dad put up the Christmas tree.

  • I always do this, but I helped even more!

These are my Grains of Sand for last month. Please stay tuned for more posts on this project created by Sandy. Also, please check out her blog!


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