How I Wish – A Poem

This poem was inspired by Matt over at The Pebble In My Shoe. I think a lot of people who struggle with mental health issues can relate.


How I Wish

Snap my fingers
Make it disappear
How nice it would be
If I could just turn off the fear

Turn off the switch
No more stress for today
Watch as the anxiety
Just fades away

How I wish it was this easy
How I wish it would just let me be
How I wish it would just leave me alone
How I wish that I could be free

So while it may not be simple
I’ll try my best to get through
Because I know deep down in my heart
That that’s the best thing I can do


© B.G. ,, 2015.


11 Replies to “How I Wish – A Poem”

    1. Aww, thank you! I’ve always felt that way too. I always feel like other people write poems that are so much deeper. Maybe you’re better at it than you think! 🙂 You should try again sometime. Thanks again for all your feedback! By the way, I like how in your post about your dream writing place, you’d like an honest critic. I think that’s so important.

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