First of all, to all of you who celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas Eve Day!

So while yesterday was a difficult day for me, it had a happy ending! After I finished doing everything I needed to do before I went to sleep, there was one more thing that I really wanted to get done. I didn’t know at first if I should try, since many times when I try to do this thing at night, I get really anxious. After such a difficult day, a huge part of me just wanted to go to sleep. However, another part of me really wanted to get this thing done. So I had a decision to make. I’m happy to say that I chose to try and do what I wanted to get done!

It was a success! I decided before I got up how I wanted to go about what I needed to do. So, when I got up, I had a plan. I followed that plan and found myself very relaxed while doing what I wanted. So, when I went to sleep for the night, I really felt like I accomplished something. I felt refreshed and this morning, that’s how I woke up feeling as well! I know this doesn’t necessarily guarantee a perfect day, but it definitely puts me on the right track. Plus, I already got some exercising done and plan on working really hard today! I just wanted to write this to both jot my feelings down and remind everyone who struggles that there is in fact hope.



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