Lost Humanity – A Poem

Hey guys, I hope you don’t mind all the poems that I’ve been posting lately! Here’s another one. Hope you enjoy!


Lost Humanity

She doesn’t want to remember
She has amnesia of the heart
She believes memories are better left to tarnish
As they begin to fall apart

She wants to fade away
Leaving the world behind
When told that she’d be missed
She just shrugs, saying she doesn’t mind

No one knows what happened
To make her act this way
All they can do is hope
That she’ll see the light one day

So now she just sits alone
Avoiding kindness at all costs
She finds herself aging quickly
Until all humanity is lost


© B.G. , gettingthroughanxiety.wordpress.com, 2015


25 Replies to “Lost Humanity – A Poem”

  1. I don’t mind all the poems. If it helps you or if you enjoy it, you should just do it. I think it’s wonderful you can write all this. I’m all blocked if I would have to write poetry right now. I also like it that you dare to share it with all of us, because it’s very personal and people can be mean. But keep going (if you’d like)!

    1. Thank you! I just don’t want to lose sight of the reason I created this blog- to help myself and others with anxiety. However, I think in a way writing can show people a way to distract themselves from their anxiety. Plus, I love to write! 🙂

      1. Writing is the perfect therapy. A lot cheaper too. Expressing your thoughts and feelings are an excellent way to cleanse yourself of anxiety. And perhaps you can inspire others to do the same. Sorry, just thinking out loud.

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