Temporary Journey – A Poem

Temporary Journey

You close your eyes
And soon enough
You are in a world
That is not always easy to escape

As the journey continues forward
Do not be afraid
For soon you will be rescued
As you will be awake

For now enjoy the ride
The one without real danger
The one that allows you to release
Feelings of love, sadness, or anger

See the bright colors
As you walk through this world
The one that is so great
It’s hard to translate into words

Hold onto the memories
For they can disappear in a blink
While some may be scary
Some are better than you think

These dreams are a part of you
Even if the reason is unknown
They can show you the future
Or how much you’ve grown

So take them in as they come
Analyze, but do not dwell
For their meaning may be easy
Or impossible to tell

Even if your dreams are frightening
Take them as possible signs
For they can sometimes be tricky,
Complicated, by design

And if you find yourself feeling trapped
Remember that you will soon be free
For while dreams may at the time seem real
The journey is temporary

© B.G. , gettingthroughanxiety.wordpress.com, 2015.


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