Skeleton with a Heart

Please read this amazing piece of writing by Jade! She captures the thoughts of many of us writers. She has an amazing talent for writing and a big heart.

Jade Moore


The worry bubbled up inside her until she felt that she would burst. Her throat felt tight as though she would throw up all the words that she didn’t know how to say. The blank page before her seemed to align itself with her emptiness, and there was no way to fill it.

Even if she could write, her hand would shake so much the words wouldn’t make a strong enough impression on the page, and therefore wouldn’t have any affect on the reader. The Reader? she heard the question asked to herself by the voice in her head, but you don’t have any readers, you only have yourself.

Sat in her bedroom, she looked around. It was true, she was alone. The words she wished to write wouldn’t come because she worried too much about who would read them, and whether they would enjoy it. But she realised…

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