Character Christmas List Tag

Rae from Bookmark Chronicles tagged me for the Character Christmas List Tag. As many of you probably know, I love tags and I love books, shows, and movies, so this one is perfect. Thank you so much Rae!

The Rules

  • Pick ten random characters from any book/movie/show and figure out what you would get them for Christmas.
  • Tag people and spread the word! 🙂

1.) Roger Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit – A DVD of Goofy cartoons. Roger loved goofy!

2.) Rachel from Friends – A gift card to a clothing store. She loved clothes and worked at Ralph Lauren.

3.) Richard Castle from Castle – A Cross pen. Who doesn’t want tons of Cross pens?

4.) Al from Quantum Leap – Cigars

5.) Marty from Back to the Future – A new Hoverboard. I don’t remember all of a sudden if Doc ever gave Marty’s back at the end of the movie (I should be ashamed of myself. It’s my favorite movie and I’ve seen it a million times), but if I remember, Doc took it with him when he was with Clara, so I’m pretty sure Marty never got it back!

6.) Jenny from Gossip Girl – A hard kick in the knee. I know that’s not a nice Christmas present, but she is a fictional character after all. Man, was she annoying!

7.) Brian from Limitless – I love him! I’d give him a huge hug and perhaps a nice jacket. I like his but you can always use more! 🙂

8.) Gary from Early Edition – A kiss on the cheek. He does such good things and is a wonderful (and cute) person!

9.) Snoopy from Peanuts – Dog food and a new bowl! 🙂 I’d also get him a nice new typewriter.

10.) Charlotte O’Connor from Nashville – Happiness. She’s always so sad.


Wow, this was more challenging than I expected! It was really fun though! Thank you again Rae for tagging me!

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15 Replies to “Character Christmas List Tag”

  1. This is such a fun tag! Thanks for tagging me and I love your answers, they are really imaginative but well thought out. I’m looking forward to doing this and choosing my characters, I just hope I can come up with some great gifts 🙂

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