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Okay, so somehow I accidentally deleted the reblog of Jade’s post and can’t reblog it again (sorry Jade!).

Anyway, Jade made a wonderful pledge on Time to Change and I wanted to do the same. Here’s my pledge:

“I pledge to continue working my hardest to get through my anxiety. I also pledge to help others with their mental health issues through both sharing my own mental health story and listening to the stories of others.”

It’s so important to be kind and respectful to one another. All of you have inspired me to do more to spread the word about mental health issues. Please take the time to check out each others’ blogs and check out Jade’s new blog Letters to the Mind!

Thank you guys for all of your support! Also, please consider making your own pledge on Time to Change!


9 thoughts on “Make a Pledge

  1. My best friend suffers from terrible anxiety, is on medication and seeks regular medical counselling. I am aware how challenging this must be for you! I hope you stay strong!

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