Thoughts of the Night – A Poem

Before I retype the poem that I wrote this morning, I would like to thank both Carla from The Melodramatic Confessions of Carla Louise and Matt from The Pebble in My Shoe for nominating me for The Epically Awesome Award! While I was already nominated for this award (see post here), I think it’s only right to acknowledge that I was nominated again. I really do appreciate these nominations! Thank you guys!

Because I was nominated again, I thought I would be creative (it’s one of the rules for the award) and write a poem. Then I thought I would ask some questions for anyone who would like to answer! I’m nominating all of you guys for this award, since really, you’re all pretty awesome! 🙂

Thoughts of the Night


It holds on tight

Its grip almost impossible to escape

I try to shake the feeling

That I will never wake



I know that it’s just a dream

But it doesn’t want to let go

So I hold on for the ride

Letting my subconscious take hold



But soon I begin to relax

My mind takes over control

And before you know it

I reach my goal



So now I lie awake

Focusing on my dream

Realizing it’s less frightening

Than it initially seemed



While I’m happy to be awake

Happy to know I’m safe

When it comes to remembering these thoughts of the night

I wouldn’t have it any other way


© B.G.,, 2015

I wrote this poem after realizing I was nominated for another award. I figured it gave me a chance to write something and post it on here. I also wrote this because I always seem to remember my dreams especially well (so well actually that my brother sometimes thinks I make part of them up. I swear I don’t!).


My Questions (if you answer, feel free to leave a link or leave your answers in the comments! I’d love to hear them! I’ve decided to answer them as well!):

1.) When was the last time you remember what you dreamt about? What was the dream about?

Last night! I had one dream that I was back in college and couldn’t figure out where I was going. I couldn’t remember where my classes were or which one I had to go to next. I asked someone where a certain class was and they looked at me strange because the teacher I was asking about was a high school teacher, not a college one!

2.) Do you believe dreams mean anything significant? If so, in what way?

I’m not sure. A part of me thinks they mean something, but not quite what you’d think. I think the meaning of a dream isn’t as obvious as it may come across.

3.) Have you ever pinched yourself in a dream too see if you were dreaming, but you didn’t wake up when you pinched yourself?


4.) Do you dream in color or black in white?

Color. I can also actually feel while I dream. I’m not sure if that’s normal, but I can.


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