Doing Our Best

If I had to guess, I’d say that if you struggle with extreme anxiety, at one point or another, you’ve found yourself struggling with something that others usually find relatively simple. I’d also guess that if you’ve experienced this, it might have left you feeling less than positive. I know that for me, when I struggle with things that I feel should be easy, I don’t feel very good about myself. However, I have to remember that sometimes things are just really hard for those of us who struggle with anxiety and that sometimes, that’s okay.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that it’s okay to give up. I’m also not saying that it’s okay to grow complacent about working our hardest to get through our anxiety. What I am saying however, is that sometimes, we just have to try our best to get through certain situations.

Take a few minutes ago for example. I was really struggling. All I had to do was bring my food to where I wanted to eat and I got really anxious. I felt awful. It took me about three or four times getting up and moving the plate around until I could finally sit down and eat. A part of me felt pathetic and still does. However, I’m actually proud of myself! Why? Because sometimes I ask for help when I feel too anxious to do something. This time, however, I took my time and got things done!

There’s nothing wrong with asking for help from those who we trust. However, we need to learn to do things on our own and every step helps. I felt pretty depressed after I finally sat down to eat so you know what I did? I looked at my post on my Grains of Sand for last month and you know what? It made me feel better!

There are times when I get really upset with myself, when I feel horrible. I know though that I am strong enough to get through my anxiety. In fact, I have proof. I can look at what I’ve written about my progress and see that I’ve improved, that I’ve been successful at not allowing my anxiety to control my life at times.

I’ve learned that writing down every bit of progress is essential. Even if you or someone else might feel it’s insignificant, if it’s a positive step in the right direction, you need to notice it and acknowledge it. It can make all the difference!

I suggest that all of you start writing down the progress you make. It’s not always enough to make the progress. We need to acknowledge that we are stronger than our anxiety.

*I’d like to thank Sandy from Sandycademy for creating the project Grains of Sand. It really is a positive way to record and remember our progress!


10 thoughts on “Doing Our Best

  1. I really like that Grains of Sand idea. Sometimes we get so caught up in wanting the bigger victories that we kind of overlook the small stuff. We think, “Oh, that’s such a little thing, it’s no big deal.” But those little things add up!

  2. aunttabbi says:

    I really appreciate your writings and it made me look back over mine a little. I see improvements where I didn’t think any had been made.

  3. carlalouise89 says:

    I woke up feeling exhausted – yesterday was a big day for me, a really big day. I was offered a full-time teaching position, and it’s half an hour away (more than I’m meant to be driving, really) and it’ll be intense. Being sick, and still struggling with anxiety and everything, scares me. Plus, I’m doing a postgraduate degree. And I want to lose weight. And because I’m sick, and I’m really chronically sick, I’m on the most bland diet ever because I appear to be allergic to everything. So when I woke up, feeling exhausted, I felt like, ‘Nope. Today is a nothing day. I’m tired. I need rest.’ And then …. I don’t know. Today I feel happy, like I can achieve stuff. I want to go for a run (I can’t, it’s raining …. of course – and I’m asthmatic, so rain is a big no-no!) but maybe I’ll do pilates again. Write more blog posts (I write them down, type them up, and leave them ready to go most of the time and just pick whatever) and … just be happy that today is a happy day! I’m so glad we both feel happy today! Maybe something’s in the air!?

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