Spreading Kindness

So while this post isn’t exactly about anxiety, it is about spreading kindness. In my opinion (and I’m sure in many of yours), spreading kindness is extremely important. First of all, when we spread kindness, we remind people of just how amazing they are and without even realizing it, we can brighten up their day. Also, while we shouldn’t be kind for solely this reason alone, when we ourselves spread kindness, it makes us feel good to know that we’ve had a positive impact on someone else.

Ever since I started this blog, so many of you have touched me with your kindness. I’ve mentioned this several times, but I didn’t expect to connect with so many of you on here let alone have so much kindness and support sent my way! It means so much to me that you guys have told me that my writing has helped you or that you think I’m talented in some way or another.

Just this morning I received three amazing compliments and throughout my entire time blogging so far, I’ve gotten so many others. I want you guys to know just how much I appreciate your words of kindness and your support.

Please continue to spread kindness to everyone you meet. While some people may not always seem to appreciate our efforts, we still need to continue to make the effort. Just this morning I read a post by Heidi from Learns and Laughs about how the little things in life can be so important and valuable, like someone opening a door for someone and being genuinely kind. Also, as I mentioned yesterday, Sandy from Sandycademy is continuing her project, Grains of Sand which is all about posting the small things in life that have a positive impact on our lives.

All of you who have shared your wisdom and kindness have had an impact on my life! I can’t thank you enough for reading, commenting on, “liking”, and following my blog. Thanks and have a great day!


When Anxiety Arrives

It can be really difficult when we see ourselves making progress in getting over our obstacles, and then all of a sudden, we experience a wave of anxiety. We may start to feel as if we’ve made no real progress and begin to doubt ourselves. However, just because we have a setback does not mean that our former progress does not matter or that we won’t continue to make more progress.

The thing is that while I wish it didn’t work this way, anxiety is often something that tries to fight back. That is why consistency is so essential. Chances are that anxiety won’t just “go away completely”. However, this just gives us more of a reason to keep practicing. We need to keep proving to ourselves that we are stronger than anxiety and that even if anxiety tries to control us, it can’t.

I know that this is not often easy. We get so accustomed to allowing anxiety take over, that it can be challenging to believe in ourselves when the stress that we are experiencing is so overwhelming. Sometimes we tend to get so caught up in the feelings that anxiety can stir up, that we forget just how strong we are.

I just had a moment where I got anxious. I had been doing really well the last few days and I just got really overwhelmed by my anxiety. I had to sit down and tell myself that I just had to relax. I repeated the line about anxiety being a liar and that the best weapon against it was the truth. I’m not saying it instantly took away the fear that I was feeling, but it did help me feel a little more confident.

Dealing with anxiety can be a constant battle, but it’s one that we can handle if we keep working hard and pushing ourselves. I do believe that I’ll eventually be able to handle my anxiety much better and I believe the same for all of you is true as long as we continue to try our hardest!


November 1st Success!

Okay, so this morning I achieved something that I haven’t tried in a while. It’s something that I often want to do but don’t feel like I can due to my anxiety. I pondered doing it yesterday but didn’t. However, this morning I got up and did what I had to do!

Once again being successful felt great! Just like when I went out to eat with my mom and did the best I’ve done in a long time, I felt really strong.

It’s important to really focus on the good times that we experience. It’s important that we realize that the progress we make is proof that we are stronger than our anxiety and that we can get through it! I know that it can feel otherwise sometimes and I know that sometimes it seems that we forget just how strong we are, but that doesn’t make us any less successful or able to get over our obstacles. We just have to continue to practice and face our fears on a consistent basis.

I know I’ve said this again and again, but consistency is so important. Believing in ourselves and consistently making an effort to show ourselves our strength only makes us more aware of our strength. Building confidence helps keep the anxiety away and even when it manages to sneak up on us, we are able to tell it that we are stronger!