There’s nothing to hide

Matt from The Pebble in My Shoe shares the importance of speaking about our mental health issues. He also reminds us that we are strong and not weak. Please check out his great blog!

In Silence We Suffer

For sufferers of depression and anxiety it’s easy to feel ashamed. But we shouldn’t. Depression is an illness, an indiscriminate illness that does not care who it afflicts.
But I ask you how are we supposed to recover when we hide the truth from those that know us best?
There is nothing weak in admitting how you truly feel to someone. It takes great courage and strength to talk so openly. Nevertheless it’s something that we’re all capable of doing.
It’s natural to fear what others might think or say. I still do. But they’ll be so incredibly proud of you for opening up and being so honest if you decide to do so. There’s nothing to hide.
We’re not failures. We’re not weak. We are incredibly strong. We have to be in order to survive.

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