3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge-Part 2

For my first quote for the second part of my 3 Days 3 Quotes challenge, I’ve chose to use lyrics from the song A Life Uncommon by Jewel.

“And lend your voices only to sounds of freedom
No longer lent your strength to that
which you wish to be free from
Fill you lives with love and bravery
And we shall lead a life uncommon” –Jewel, Life Uncommon

I love this song and I love these lyrics! These four lines especially illustrate how we have to treat anxiety. Instead of giving into fear and allowing anxiety to make us feel weak and unable to do things, we have to stand up to it and prove to ourselves that we have the strength to get over our obstacles.

So much of our time is spent on worrying, so much of our strength is put to something that we don’t even enjoy doing! Instead of using our strength to accomplish our goals, we put it towards obsessing!

Jewel states in this song that the way to freedom is to stop putting our efforts towards something so toxic. If we lend our strength to our fears, they’re only going to grow stronger. However, if we fill our lives with things such as hope, bravery, and love and we show ourselves that we have the strength to power through our struggles, we’ll live a life that we enjoy!

Please, please, please do yourselves a favor and try to listen to this song, it really is great! The song is off of Jewel’s CD “Spirit”. What songs make you guys feel stronger? Feel free to let me know!

9 Replies to “3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge-Part 2”

  1. Thank you so much. I’ve just listened to this song on u tube (for the first time) and just loved it! The words are powerful and rang so true, a wonderfully positive way to start my day, thanks again.

      1. She was! I went when I was about 14 or younger and according to my dad, someone asked if I could quiet down because I was singing to one of the songs too loud at one point. I swear I don’t remember that though!

      2. Yeah. I remember getting upset too because I wanted this one shirt and some little girl was wearing it and my dad said it would look like a dress on me. I was so much older than the girl but I was short. I got so mad. I must have been kind of sensitive that day!

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