It’s Alright

When we feel like we can accomplish something, and then anxiety stops us in our tracks, it can make us feel disappointed. I wanted to get something done this morning and couldn’t, which led me to feel like a failure. As I’m writing this, I still feel upset with myself. Why couldn’t I just stand up to my anxiety and prove to myself that I’m stronger than it? Why can’t I go do that right now? While a part of me feels like I can, another part is holding me back. Even if I don’t get what I wanted done today, that’s okay. I know deep down that it doesn’t make me a failure, it just means I have to work harder.

It can be hard not to stay mad at ourselves. It’s okay and healthy to be a little disappointed, after all disappointment often fuels us to work harder. What’s not okay, is to make ourselves suffer because of it or to make ourselves feel depressed over it. Just promise yourself to work harder and remind yourself that even if it doesn’t feel like it at the moment, you are stronger than your anxiety.

Here’s some advice for proving to yourself that you are stronger than your anxiety:

1.) Practice in small steps doing what makes you anxious. You don’t have to make giant leaps to accomplish your goals. Just be consistent and you’ll get there.

2.) Remember that you’re stronger than your anxiety and that the lies that it’s feeding you aren’t true.

3.) Try not to obsess about what you’re trying to accomplish (this is what sometimes, and this morning, got me in trouble. I started over-thinking about accomplishing what I wanted to until I felt like I couldn’t get it done). Instead of obsessing on not doing well, try to think of something else or on the fact that you can succeed. Again, I know it’s not always easy, but you need to try.

4.) Stretch and exercise in general. Show yourself that your body isn’t as weak as your mind may make you think it is when you get anxious. Also, practice telling yourself positive things like you are capable of getting through your anxiety, etc.

I hope these tips help. I’m constantly trying to use them myself!

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