The Amazingly Talented Blogger Award!

I decided to take it upon myself to create another blogging award, The Amazingly Talented Blogger Award. I was making a list of all the bloggers and blogs that I wanted to nominate, when I realized how every blogger I follow is extremely talented and to leave anyone off the list would just be wrong! So to all the people that have ever read, commented on, “liked”, or followed my blog, thank you and I give you this award! I especially want to send a special shout out to the newest blogs I’ve discovered and started following!


The rules:

1.) Nominate people that you think are amazingly talented!

I’ve nominated all of you guys!

2.) Let your nominees know in what way they’re so talented.

All of you have so many unique talents. You are all however skilled at writing, along with brave and strong for have started your own blogs and shared your stories.

3.) Display the award logo on your blog

4.) Let your nominees know that they’ve been nominated (either by simply posting about it or telling them on their blogs)


If you’d like, you can answer these questions! I’m actually going to answer them to since I find them fun!

1.) If you could improve one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I’d be better at getting through my anxiety.

2.) What is your number one goal in life?

To get through my anxiety and not let it control me so much.

3.) What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

The fact that I’m kind and caring

4.) If you could meet any author, who would it be?

Harlan Coben (or James Patterson or Stephen King, lol!)

5.) Can you remember the first concert you ever went to? What was it?


6.) If you were stuck on a desert island, would you rather have books or a portal DVD player with batteries and DVDs (yes I realize the odds of having these things would be slim!).

This is tough and as much as I love reading, I might have to say watching DVDs…of course the batteries would eventually die. So I guess, books…?

7.) What do you think makes your blog awesome?

I get to help myself and hopefully others at the same time.

8.) For all you Back to the Future fans, which of the three movies do you like the best and why? Your least favorite of the three? (Sorry for all of you tired of hearing about the movie, I had to throw one question about it in here!)

I like them in the order they came out honestly! I hate when in the last one though, Doc’s girlfriend says “Golly” on the train and when she gives him that speech about how he must take her for a fool about how he can travel in the future. Her voice gets so annoying!



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